Gallery Update: Simple Favor Production Stills

I have added two production stills of Anna from her upcoming movie, A Simple Favor, to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg

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Gallery Update: Recent Events

Gallery Update: Pitch Perfect 3 Caps, Stills, Posters

I have updated the gallery with captures, stills and posters from Pitch Perfect 3 to the gallery. Enjoy!

0167.jpg 0222.jpg 0261.jpg

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Gallery Update: Hunter For Target Ultimate Family Festival

Thank to Jen, I have added high quality photos of Anna’s recent event to our image gallery.

0004.jpg 0009.jpg 0002.jpg 0020.jpg

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Gallery Update: Elsewhere Captures and Poster

I have added the poster as well as HD captures of Anna from Elsewhere to the image gallery!

0006.jpg 0242.jpg 0299.jpg 0577.jpg

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